“As a first-time mom I was nervous about placing my sweet, baby boy in a larger daycare. I worried he wasn’t going to get the care and attention he needed. The staff at MACCC quickly set my mind at ease. They reassured me that we could drop by at anytime to check up on our baby. We didn’t need to call or let anyone know. We were welcomed to just drop in. That alone was very reassuring. In the beginning it was difficult to walk away and leave him with people we barely knew, but as the weeks went by we could see how much he enjoyed being around other children and how comfortable he was with his teachers. They are always friendly and attentive and always willing to talk to parents about their child’s day. With the various activities and experiences he’s exposed to both in and outside the classroom, we can see the tremendous and positive impact MACCC has had in his development. We’ve had such a wonderful experience at MACCC and are glad we made this choice.”—Angie Senger


“The Morris Area Child Care Center is a great place. My children love going every day and learning new things. The staff are amazing and truly care about all the kids. They are dedicated to the care, development, and health of the children. I love the education-based curriculum, structure, and communication between the staff and I. My husband and I would not want our children to go anywhere else!”—Brandy Thompson


“For three years our children attended the Morris Area Child Care Center and enjoyed going there. The curriculum and atmosphere in each classroom was excellent. Our kids learned a lot and had fun. They really liked the variety of activities and art projects. They looked forward to visitors and outings. And they thrived in the structural yet creative environment. The teachers are experienced, patient, and kind. I found the parent-teacher conferences very helpful and appreciated the time that the teachers took to observe and monitor my children’s progress.”—Lisa Walker